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What can you do with Zenno Poster software?

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anonymous_2 20 Jun 2011
I've heard that you can do all your SEO tasks with that program. Is that true?

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gices 20 Jun 2011
You can do everything that you can with a browser. So whether it's checking your email, signing up on websites or posting comment on blogs or forums, you can do them all. The software is very flexible as it enables you to add your own code as well and if you look at it from an SEO perspective, then all these tedious link building techniques can be automated. Just a few ideas:

1. Blog commenting or forum posting
2. Article submission
3. Press release submission
4. Directory submission
5. Content scraping

You name it and Zenno Poster can do it. The only problem you might face is building up the templates to perform these tasks.