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Remove wooden cladding that was put with strong adhesive

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anonymous_2 Peaches
Samantha_3 08 Jun 2011
I have wooden cladding on my walls put on with no nails a strong adhesive, I want to remove it. How best can I do this without causing too much damage?


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Peaches 15 Aug 2011
Unfortunately it will be hard to remove it all without some damage caused to the wall. Cladding is usually put up when the wall is old, unsightly or cracks and damage need to be hidden. You will need to try and remove each panel individually and carefully prying it away from the wall. Also remember that you may need to plaster the wall afterwards and some of the plaster may come off when the cladding comes off, in some cases even brickwork is exposed, take care and use gloves, eye shield and dust mask just in case you inhale some lose debris.