How to change the ads placement on a Google Custom Search engine?

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anonymous_2 08 Apr 2013

Just wanted to know whether you can choose where the ads will appear on a Google Custom Search engine (CSE) or whether you can remove them completely?

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gices 08 Apr 2013

There are 3 main sections where advertisements are shown when using Google search: top, bottom and on the right. To modify the default behaviour which I believe is to show ads at the top and on the right, you will have to change the value of an attribute called the FORID. So analyse the html code of your CSE to locate that attribute. Most likely the value will be set to 11. Here are the combinations you can have:

  • Top & Bottom : FORID:10
  • Top & Right : FORID:11
  • Right only : FORID:9

You don't need to regenerate the code, you just have to change the number.

As far as I know, you cannot eliminate the ads when using a custom google search engine unless you're a charitable organisation or you're exempted from tax in the US.