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How to remove or check polystyrene tiles are inflammable

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MrPatel 10 Sep 2010
I have just bought a house and in the survey report it says to remove all polystyrene tiles from the cellings, it looks like it was recently done. Please can you guide me, what is an alternative route? Why are DIY stores allowed to sell these? Please help me to save money, Thank you

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Peach_2 12 Oct 2010
Hello Mr Patel, I had the same problem when I bought my house, unfortunately the reason why people still use polystyrene tiles is because it is cheaper and easier to put up than ceiling paper or plastering then painting. Polystyrene tiles are highly inflammable and if you choose to keep them your home insurance will be void if it was to catch fire and you will be liable for all damages. Removing them is the only option but beware that the ceiling underneath the tiles could be in a bad way that's why polystyrene tiles were used. If you are lucky you can get away with using a patterned ceiling paper to cover any cracks but if it is really bumpy and in a terrible way you will need to plaster the ceiling then paint over it. When you had the survery done you should have checked your options and backed out if the expense seemed too much. Your only choice is to remove them and start again.