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How to get rid of the heat inside the home during summer season?

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GURUCHARAN 02 Jun 2010
Getting too warm inside! Home issues.

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Peaches 22 Aug 2011
Your only option is to open a window where the sun isn't shining so its cool air, then when the sun moves to that window close it and find another that is in the shade. If that doesn't solve the problem the only solution is to install air con but I must warn you that in this country it isn't worth it as its only hot for short bursts. I'm afraid you will need to learn to live with the heat.

Some people claim that black out curtains work as they repel the heat in the summer and keep the house warm in the winter. The only drawback to this is you need to keep the curtains closed in order for this to work. So on a nice summers day you will be sitting in a dark house whilst it is sunny outside